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Code-Lite: Our Philosophy

Crypto's last mile

Docusaurus with Keytar

Over the past few years, cryptocurrency has exploded into the public consciousness with thousands of blockchains and intense speculation. However, it has not seen widespread adoption for everyday transactions, in part due to the steep learning curve required to integrate it into websites and apps.

The on-ramp dillemna

While third-party solutions exist, these often negate one of the most attractive features of blockchain - the ability to create and execute transactions without revealing personal details.

Docusaurus with Keytar

PIPELINE's Code-Lite solution

Fetching address details, assembling, signing and sending transactions and parsing asynchronous results can require hundreds of lines of code - a daunting challenge for those with little or no coding experience. We spend hundreds of hours scouring code libraries, tracking down errors and broken dependencies and bundling the complexity of blockchain into neat, reusable and easy-to-use packages.

Our mission is to contribute to the widespread adoption of blockchain by making it as simple as pasting a small block of code to create a PayPal "Buy now" button.