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The Algo Vote tool allows DAO's ("decentralized autonomous organizations") to create and deploy a "permissioned" voting system.


The deployer of the voting system:

  • • Creates a new Algorand Standard Asset (ASA) or "token", or inputs the index of an existing ASA
  • • Deploys a "smart contract" that only allows 1 vote per address and only authorizes that vote when the specified token is transfered from the voter to the creator address
  • • Transfers the created tokens to the voters
  • • Integrates the generated widget code onto their website of choice

The voter:

  • • "Opts in" to the ASA
  • • Waits for receipt of the ASA
  • • "Opts in" to the voting smart contract
  • • Transfers the token back to the creator along with an "app call" that specifies the voting option

The deployer:

  • • May cancel the vote at any time by deleting the app or "smart contract"
  • • Can re-use the voting token is a subsequent vote