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Box renders a responsive box-model layout component.

Usage Example

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Margin and padding

The space function adds margin and padding props. The margin and padding props use a shorthand syntax, similar to Basscss, Tachyons, and Bootstrap.

Margin props

m margin
mt margin-top
mr margin-right
mb margin-bottom
ml margin-left
mx margin-left and margin-right
my margin-top and margin-bottom

Padding props

p padding
pt padding-top
pr padding-right
pb padding-bottom
pl padding-left
px padding-left and padding-right
py padding-top and padding-bottom

Space Theming

To set a consistent white-space scale, add a space array to your theme. Use numbers to set pixel values, or use strings for other CSS units such as rem.

// theme.js
export default {
space: [0, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512],

All spacing props accept numbers, strings, or arrays as values, where:

Numbers between 0 and the last index of the space array are values from the space array defined in theme
Numbers greater than the length of the spacearray are converted to pixels
String values can be used for any valid CSS value (e.g. 'auto' or '2em')
Margin props accept negative values to set negative margin
Arrays can be used for responsive styles


The width function adds a single width prop for setting responsive width styles.

The width prop accepts number, string, or array values, where:

Numbers between 0 and 1 are converted to percentage based widths (e.g. 1/2 becomes '50%')
Numbers greater than 1 are converted to pixels
Strings can be used for other CSS values (e.g. '50vw' or '30em')
Arrays can be used for responsive styles

Responsive Styles

All styled-system functions accept arrays as values to set styles responsively using a mobile-first approach.

1, // 100% below the smallest breakpoint
1 / 2, // 50% from the next breakpoint and up
1 / 4, // 25% from the next breakpoint and up


theme object (optional)

Styled System Props

Box uses COMMON, LAYOUT, POSITION, FLEXBOX, BORDERS groups of Styled System props.