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Pipeline Icons

Pipeline Icons includes over 300 tokens and 970+ Google Material Design icons. The icons are React components are Styled-Components that support Styled-System v5 props.

Check out the searchable database of icons and their previews Here!

Import in app#

import { Icon } from '@pipeline-ui'; // imports all icons - bad for bundle sizeimport { Algo } from '@pipeline-ui/icons'; // import single token iconimport { MoneyOff } from '@pipeline-ui/icons'; // import single material design icon


import {Algo, Btc} from '@pipeline-ui/icons';import {Icon} from 'pipeline-ui';<>  <Icon color="red" name="MoneyOff" size="80" />  <Algo color="black" size="80" />  <Btc color="gold" size="80" /></>
Live Editor

Icon uses COMMON, LAYOUT, POSITION, FLEXBOX, BORDERS groups of Styled System props.