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CSS Class Names and Usage

Set a Component's class Name#

<Button className="myNewButton">Click Me!</Button>

Stylesheet Examples#

Due to the nested complex nature of many React components, we recommend using CSS selector * and child combinator >.

Select style on hover#

div[class*=pipeline-select] > div:hover{  background-color: rgba(0, 255, 21, 0.514)!important;  border-color: #ff0800!important;}

button element style with class SolidButton and exclude Algo Buttons#

button:not([class*=algo-btn-solid]):not([class*=AlgoSendButton]), button [class*=SolidButton] {  background-color: #1c1ce1!important;  color: #fff!important;  white-space: pre-wrap;  text-decoration: none;  margin-top: .5rem!important}

className Reference#

We have also attached classes to each Pipeline-UI component for user convenience, and will be providing the reference sheet soon.

(coming soon)

ComponentCSS Class