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The ARC Minter tool allows users to create assets (NFTs) on the Algorand network.

It supports creation of assets using the ARC-19 and ARC-69 standards.

ARC-19 Asset Standard

The ARC-19 standard uses the 'Reserve Address' to store the pointer to the IPFS data.

More information about the ARC-19 standard is available here:

ARC19 Minting

  1. Upload image or file to IPFS.
  2. Choose an Asset Name for your NFT.
  3. Choose a Unit Name for your NFT.
  4. Write a solid description of your NFT.
  5. Choose how many decimals you want for your NFT (0 is the recommended number).
  6. Change the Image Mimetype if you are inclined.
  7. Use the Advanced JSON Editor to add additional properties to your NFT’s JSON object.
  8. Upload the JSON object to IPFS.
  9. Add an additional note field if you are so inclined.
  10. At this point, you must sign in with your Algorand wallet if you have not already. Perra Wallet and MyAlgo are both supported at launch.
  11. Sign the Asset creation transaction.
  12. Wait approximately 15 seconds for your asset number to be returned.
  13. Review the NFT details via NFTExplorer,, or any other provider that supports ARC19 NFTs.

ARC19 Configuration

  1. Paste your asset ID into the Asset Index field. Click “Fetch Metadata” to pre-populate fields with your latest JSON object.
  2. Modify your new JSON object with the decimals, image mimetype, unit name, description, and advanced editor fields.
  3. Upload your new JSON object to IPFS.
  4. Complete any additional asset config fields if you are so inclined. Sign the asset config transaction. You have now minted and modified an ARC19 NFT! chain.