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Frequently asked questions

Do I need to add algosdk and/or @randlabs/myalgo-connect or other wallet dependencies to my apps?

No! MyAlgo Connect, WalletConnect and AlgoSigner are automatically imported when you install Pipeline-ui, and their functions are hard-coded into Pipeline UI components. After transactions are signed, they are then sent directly to the Algorand blockchain via AlgoExplorer (which currently does not require an API key).

Can I customize Pipeline UI components?

To a certain degree. Part of the function of Pipeline UI is to provide standardized components that are readily recognizeable. For most components, you can easily change certain props like size and color themes. Algorand-specific components have hard-coded onClick event handlers that you cannot change. On the other hand, if you really want to, you can overide default styles with inline css, stylesheets or library modification.

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Can I use Pipeline UI to create Algorand widgets for my website?

Yes! Pipeline expedites and simplifies the process of incorporating Algorand into existing web frameworks. After building your React app, simply deploy it with Vercel, FireBase or AWS and place its URL in an iFrame. You can also embed React components directly in your webpage by uploading the build folder to your site and pasting the code from index.html onto your existing page.

 <iframe src="" height="550" width="350" ></iframe>

Does Pipeline UI give me out-of-the-box Algorand transaction capability?


I don't need standard components. Is there a lite version of Pipeline?

Yes! We created Pipeliness Express to get your React Apps connect to Algorand in seconds! For more info, check out: Pipeline Express on Github

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