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Getting Started

Welcome to Pipeline UI, a library of standardized React components for the Algorand Ecosystem!


WalletConnect is now supported in all Pipeline libraries!

Install the library:#

cd myNewAppnpm install pipeline-ui

Import components into your React project:#

import { AlgoButton, AlgoSendButton, Pipeline} from 'pipeline-ui';

All Pipeline UI libraries and demos execute transactions on the Algorand MainNet by default. To send transactions on the TestNet, check out SwitchNet Component

Modifying the library:#

If you wish to download and modify the library components via source code, run the following code to save it to your user root directory and install its dependencies:

git clone pipeline-uinpm install

You may then edit the components via the index.js file found inside each component folder in the parent folder /src. After saving changes, you must then run the following code from the pipeline-ui parent folder:

npm run buildnpm pack
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