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Why Pipeline?

Algorand, and blockchains in general, are powerful technologies that have not seen widespread integration for everyday purposes on existing websites. Pipeline UI aims to make blockchain integration on websites seamless and ubiquitous.

What is Pipeline UI?

Pipeline UI is a ready-to-use library to rapidly add standardized Algorand functional components to your React apps.

Docusaurus with Keytar

What are the differences with other blockchain libraries?

Pipeline UI reduces the amount of time it takes to integrate Algorand features into existing websites.


Standardized design theming
Hard-coded transaction and blockchain API components
Built in QR code generators
...and many other features in the works!

Pipeline Ecosystem

The Pipeline project is a bridge to blockchain for web developers of all levels of coding experience, creating an ecosystem of tools for everyone from html bloggers to advanced JavaScript coders!

Pipeline Express

2 Algo Buttons
Sign Transactions
Send Transactions

Pipeline UI

17 Algo Components!
Standard Components

Pipeline Class

numerous Algo Methods
Pure JavaScript